Drywall Pro Cut had the honour of designing and manufacturing drywall components for Sir Robert McAlpine, Hockley Mills, catering for 450 rooms in a build-to-rent complex. The project based in Birmingham, was the single largest offsite construction contract that we’ve done so far. As a result of the many offsite construction advantages, it has led us to continue working with some of the biggest contractors in the country. We ensure the highest level of quality and efficiency throughout while reducing the time spent onsite.

What did the project entail?

Before we discuss the benefits of offsite construction, let’s put this project into perspective. Using the premium Siniat drywall, we produced and delivered

  • 8500 linear meters of deflection heads,
  • 400 builders work openings,
  • 3000 door sets and
  • 3835 pattresses.

All components were produced to the exact specifications obtained by Sir Robert McAlpine. Therefore, ensuring that installation was quick, easy and reliable.

What are the benefits of offsite production?


There are many construction advantages to manufacturing offsite drywall. For this project specifically, we saved approximately 1700 labour hours on site, equating to 213 days in total. This ensures that the workforce is given a safe and reliable drywall solution rapidly. Additionally, it saves project managers the responsibility of undergoing inductions, facilitating and teaching safety protocols for all of our workers on site.

Furthermore, there is a great reduction of costs due to less appearance onsite, and the manpower it takes to manufacture components.

Reduction of Waste

Secondly, offsite construction ensures that minimal waste is a consequence of our methods. By adhering to strict measurements, we can ensure that all material is utilised.

For the Hockley Mills project, the amount of waste that we saved by choosing offsite production equated to approximately 10 tonnes of waste. This would fill approximately four plasterboard skips, which are very expensive to dispose of.

Reducing our wastage also keeps our processes as environmentally friendly as possible.

Working Smarter

Not only can offsite production for large construction projects be efficient but it makes for a much more streamlined process that delivers reliable results. Our workforce would have to transport cutting stations and machinery to the location when producing drywall components, which is a much more time-consuming procedure.

Undergoing all manufacturing within our own unit under a controlled environment means that we eliminate this, and can focus solely on the quality of our products. In fact, due to our expertise, our specialists are intricate in their production; especially when using first-rate materials.

Offsite Construction from Drywall Pro-Cut

We offer many offsite construction advantages to our services here at Drywall Pro-Cut. From fewer men onsite to manage to avoiding the need to dispose of further waste, we significantly benefit contractors, as we did Sir Robert McAlpine. If you’d like further information on how we can optimise your project, get in touch today at enquiries@drywallpro-cut.co.uk.