Summary. Drywall Pro-Cut, among the top offsite construction companies UK, excels in offsite solutions for drywall. Originating from Taylor Hart, we’ve optimised drywall production, achieving consistent quality and efficiency. Our methods reduce waste, save time, and enhance reputation, providing reliable drywall components for the construction sector.


When choosing offsite solutions for drywall components, it can be a minefield. With several businesses to choose from, it’s hard to distinguish who can give your company the best quality drywall product in the most timely fashion. That’s where Drywall Pro-Cut comes in. As one of the leading offsite construction companies in the UK, we are proficient in our manufacturing methods.

But, what makes us stand out? In today’s article, we’re going to outline the key contributors to our immaculate service. Offsite solutions for drywall offers many benefits. In addition, they are optimised when combined with our streamlined processes. At Drywall Pro-Cut, we have several years of experience in providing drywall. Over these years, we have perfected our systems, enabling us to build strong partnerships with our clients.

A Brief History of Drywall Pro-Cut

Nearly five years ago, initially as an extension of our construction company Taylor Heart, we had the opportunity to launch Drywall Pro-Cut. Renowned in our field, we began introducing offsite solutions into our daily operations, which had never been done before. Soon, we experienced the many benefits of transporting drywall applications onto the site. For instance, the quality and production levels became consistent and far superior.

How did this benefit Taylor Hart?

While we were able to provide our clients with this new level of quality, we were also able to develop our offsite solutions to benefit ourselves too. From producing builder’s work holes to door sets that were cut to the exact measurements given to us by our clients and Taylor Hart, we achieved such accuracy. As a result, we reduced waste and saved between 25 and 35% of the time we spent on site.

Furthermore, on average, we saved up to 20% of our time by undergoing drywall production within our external unit. Although this bares efficiency for us, in turn, our clients can save on budget and time also — two vital elements to any construction company. We were able to accomplish this via two teams working on two different methods. The traditional system and one that focuses entirely on specialised ProCut components that are bespoke made.

How has this affected our reputation?

Since incorporating our offsite solutions, we have had the pleasure of receiving fantastic praise from our clients. At Taylor Hart, one of the most prominent offsite construction companies in the UK, we have been approached by contractors, buyers and even competitors who have all expressed their satisfaction with this new route to drywall manufacturing.

Offsite Solutions from Drywall Pro-Cut & Taylor Hart

Taylor Hart’s offsite drywall solutions can make a significant difference to your construction site’s proceedings. Through our bespoke service, we can bulk-manufacture drywall components to the specifications given to us. This way, we can ensure safe, durable and reliable structures that are easily installed on your site.

If you’d like to discuss how we can enhance your site’s operations further through offsite production construction, please get in touch with our team today at If you found this blog useful, take a look at a previous one: How Do Site Surveys Benefit Drywall Installation?