Summary. Drywall Pro-Cut highlights the utilisation of top Siniat products, notably Siniat plasterboard, in manufacturing offsite-produced drywall components, praising their quality, durability, and versatility in creating robust ceilings, wall linings, and partitions. With a keen focus on environmental and construction industry development, these products reinforce Drywall Pro-Cut’s reputation as a leading drywall supplier nationwide.


We are proud manufacturers of offsite-produced drywall components that use Siniat plasterboard. They are acclaimed for their quality drywall ceilings, wall linings, external sheathings and partitions. Additionally, the company strives to continue developing its products to better the environment and the construction industry.

Today, we’re going to discuss the five top products that Siniat manufacture and Drywall Pro Cut use for their offsite production. Having worked closely with Siniat over several years, we place confidence in the quality and design aspects they infuse into each and every drywall component.  As a result, this led us to secure a place as a leading drywall supplier across the nation.

The Top 5 Siniat Products

Siniat plasterboard can be cut to suit a number of purposes. Below are the main types of Siniat products that are commonly used today.

1. Siniat Deflection Head Plasterboard Strips

Firstly, we have the Siniat plasterboard deflection head strips. Offering movement within drywall structures, Siniat is matchless in the strength and durability of their deflection heads. Site workers receive immediate convenience that is both reliable and safe – a key value of the Siniat group themselves. Not to mention, the Siniat deflection head detail is second to none.

2. Siniat Deflection Heads 3M

A reoccurring theme for this brand is that Siniat boards are cut to size. The 3M deflection heads are an excellent example of this. Movement within buildings can cause stress in partitions. So, deflection heads are used to relieve such implications. Moreover, Siniat is vigilant on fire safety, structural integrity and acoustic requirements, which all depend on the project itself.

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3. Siniat Pro Cut Door Sets

Door frame sets are there to support door functioning and structural strength due to such additions creating gaps in partitions. Every manufacturer has various methods of producing door frames, but Siniat themselves ensure such integral components are made to the highest specifications in robustness and stability, giving all users peace of mind.

4. Siniat Pro Cut Circular Column Encasements

Another popular Siniat plasterboard example is their circular column encasements. These additions serve decorative purposes only and can undergo skimming for a sleek and smooth finish. We glue all plasterboard used to produce columns to maintain their shape, providing a unique but eye-catching addition to the drywall setup

5. Siniat Pro Cut Beam Encasements, Bulkheads and Blindboxes

Similarly to the column encasements, many Siniat boards, cut to size, offer less utility but serve aesthetic purposes. Bulkheads, for instance, box in ceiling areas that may have fallen and are consequently causing an eye sore. Siniat plasterboard selection covers all grounds in a project, ensuring consistent quality throughout.

Our Siniat Drywall Selection

Interested in learning more about our Siniat plasterboard range? Using the finest materials, Drywall Pro-Cut specialise in producing cut-to-size drywall components that support the quality and fortitude offered by Siniat.

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