Summary. Drywall Pro-Cut exemplifies construction efficiency by utilising offsite made partitions and pioneering dry lining systems. This ensures precise and high-quality components for large-scale projects, such as the Vita of Coventry. This approach not only guarantees adherence to exact specifications but also significantly reduces on-site labour and waste, underscoring their devotion to quality and client contentment


Drywall Pro-Cut has had the pleasure of working on several large projects, including university accommodation builds with companies such as Bowmer and Kirkland. Offsite made partitions play an integral part in such complex construction work. Especially as our drywall solutions, including dry lining systems, are immediately ready to use, and to the exact specifications of the structures for which they are designed.

As an extension of Taylor Hart, we were the first drywall manufacturers to bring production offsite; offering many benefits to contractors across the UK. Our quality and production levels have continued to surpass those who still produce drywall on construction sites. Especially when it comes to substantially bigger projects that require high batch volumes.

Vita of Coventry

Below is a case study of a project that we completed for Bowmer & Kirkland as an example of our capabilities.

The Challenge

Bowmer and Kirkland required offsite made partitions to support the construction of a luxury student accommodation scheme comprising 500 bedrooms. The project, named Vita of Coventry, based in the heart of the city itself, was a modernised communal venture.

The Solution

We had the responsibility of delivering all of our pre-made materials to the site; reducing the health and safety impact while sustaining quality control. Not to mention, we were able to vastly reduce waste, offering a much higher quality drywall solution overall.

We did this by manufacturing and installing the finest British Gypsum partitions, dry linen systems and ceilings. Additionally, we also provided the site and its workers with 6,500 linear meters of deflection heads, and 8-900 builders work openings to ensure maximum accessibility and safety.

Furthermore, we counted 850 door sets. Due to these significant numbers, we had to ensure that each and every drywall component was built to exact measurements and standards, allowing for instant compatibility. Structural stability, fire safety and ease of installation were all accomplished during this project.

The Result

We were able to save a total of 990 hours of work to produce and deliver our offsite made partitions. Spending the majority of our time within our unit as opposed to onsite allows us to focus on quality and efficiency, as well as the safety of workers. In a controlled environment such as ours, we can ensure drywall partitions are produced with extra attention to detail.

We had 59 weeks to finish this project. And due to always putting in maximum effort, we saved 124 days of labour. This reduced our time on site, alleviating our partnering contractor with the responsibility of facilitating, offering inductions and undergoing safety protocols for all of our workers on site.

Why choose us?

Our offsite construction technology has allowed us to achieve significant savings in both time and money for our clients, just like we did for Bowmer & Kirkland. Working within a controlled environment, we can create builders work holes, dry lining systems and all other types of drywall parts to the highest degree. We do this while also always abiding by our customers’ project timelines.

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