Summary. Drywall Pro-Cut, initially rooted at Taylor Hart, excels in the drywall industry with its innovative offsite construction processes and systems. This blog delves into the production of deflection heads, essential components for construction site movement. Using specialised offsite construction systems, we ensure precision, efficiency, and quality in bulk production.


While Drywall Pro-Cut is now known for dominating the drywall industry, that is not where the business’s roots began. Our offsite construction processes were derived from our original location at Taylor Hart. Never seen before, we produced the finest drywall parts on the market using specially derived offsite construction systems.

One of the offsite components we produce is deflection heads. They are a vital part that allows for movement within construction sites. In this article, we will be detailing the process of producing deflection heads to understand the methods that we use at our specialised site. Adopting best practices over the years, we have perfected our approach to provide our clients with the best.

What are deflection heads?

Before we jump into the offsite production process of creating deflection heads, it’s vital to understand their purpose and why they are essential in construction. Drywall partitions use a deflection head to allow up and down structural movements of the floor or roof above.

This movement results from live or dead loads on the head or floor. However, partitions cannot sustain this alone.

Deflection heads provide extra support to prevent weight transfer onto the metal studs. Our offsite engineering solutions have the capability to provide our clients with deflection heads and other drywall-compatible components in bulk.

The Process of Producing Deflection Heads

Our unique deflection head production process is carried out in several steps. Here is a closer look into each:

1. The Initial Arrival of Boards

The offsite construction systems that we use are all similar, but we take extraordinary measures to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of results. Firstly, the board is sent to our site, which is then cut into four or five different widths, depending on the required specifications. Four or five various boards are then screwed onto them.

2. Ensuring Accuracy

While this may sound simple, we cut the boards and metal to the exact dimensions required for compatibility reasons. We agree upon these measurements during the consultation stage with our clients. As a bespoke service, we endeavour to consistently meet the needs of those who approach us.

3. Manufacturer Specifications

The three leading manufacturers require specifications to be met: Knauf, British Gypsum and Siniat. By identifying the manufacturer of the deflection heads prior to the offsite construction process, we can ensure that parts are cut and finished precisely to them. While the three are not significantly different, all manufacturers make them differently and will, therefore, need precision when being cut.

But as we’re experts in our field, we know these measurements and exactly how the deflection heads should be made. Compared to production onsite, we eliminate the risks of mistakes. Without specialised equipment and workstations on site, mistakes may be made due to the subtleness of differences between the three manufacturers. Once an error is made, the head can no longer be installed.

Deflection Heads from Drywall Pro-Cut

While producing deflection heads sounds a simple operation, these components are essential in optimising construction sites. Our offsite construction systems use such parts to guarantee ease and convenience for our clients while working.

Get in touch with our team at if you want to take advantage of our bespoke deflection head production services. As one of the leading offsite construction companies in the UK, you won’t be in better hands.