Summary. We emphasise the superiority of pre-made drywall components made offsite for increased quality and efficiency. Originating with Taylor Hart, Drywall Pro-Cut has revolutionised offsite components in the construction world. These components ensure rapid production, reduced wastage, and cost savings, offering clients precision-crafted results.


While cutting drywall onsite gives you immediacy, pre-made drywall components that are made externally offer a new level of quality and efficiency. Drywall Pro-Cut has been leading offsite production in construction for many years. Originating at Taylor Hart, our partnering contractors, we have set new standards in offsite components.

In this article, we’re going to look closely into the reason why offsite drywall parts are superior in the world of drywall production. As the first manufacturer to bring their methods offsite, we have quickly become first-rate in the country. By always working closely with Taylor Hart, we can continue adapting and developing our production processes to appeal to further offsite construction companies.

Why choose offsite components?

Below you will find the key reasons why offsite components are much more sought after than parts created within construction sites.

Quality Levels

By using unique methods for our pre-made drywall components, we are matchless in our sector. How can you produce drywall components quickly? Once materials arrive at our site, we cut the boards in the most efficient way possible. Utilising our woodworking machine that’s been adapted to be compatible with plasterboard, a much softer material, we cut, put together, quality check, and package in a streamlined manner.

This is even faster due to the two cutting edge mounted onto the axle that enables us to cut or miter offsite components quicker than any other type of machinery. The table can cut to the exact size required. So, if we’re cutting boxes or bulkheads, it’s a rapid turnaround. The router and cutter are already mounted, giving results straight away.

Production Levels

Efficiency is a major benefit of taking production offsite. Pre-made drywall components reduce the risk of mistakes, as well as the waste of material. By manufacturing drywall partitions and components to order, we achieve maximum accuracy.

Projects can vary for us here at Drywall Pro-Cut. If a client requires builder’s work holes, door sets, and deflection heads as an addition to partitions, we will use a full cutting range. That means cutting most parts to height and width using the guidelines given to us by the site manager.

As previously mentioned, this does allow us to reduce wastage. Additionally, it has also allowed us to save 25 to 30% of the time that was used onsite. Consequently, our business and our clients are able to save on budget.

Pre-Made Drywall Components from Drywall Pro-Cut

Our bespoke offsite components manufacturing service can transform your business’s proceedings. As with Taylor Hart, we work with contractors across the nation. Therefore, giving workforces the opportunity to have a smooth run from the start to the finish of a building project.

We endeavour to meet the demand that comes hand in hand with pre-made drywall components. Our production levels are determined by you. So, if you require a bulk batch, we can adhere to this. In addition, while executing every component to exact specifications agreed upon in the early stages.

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