Summary. Drywall Pro-Cut emphasises efficiency through offsite made partitions and offsite manufactured ceilings, enhancing construction sites with precise, cost-effective solutions. Our bespoke drywall components, crafted offsite, uphold high safety standards, offering contractors reliable, high-performance alternatives for modern construction needs.


Offsite drywall production is one of the most advanced modern methods of construction today. This efficient and highly effective approach gives contractors peace of mind, as well as an opportunity to save on costs. Here at Drywall Pro Cut, we produce a range of drywall partitions and components, such as offsite manufactured ceilings, deflection heads and door sets.

We create our offsite made partitions with the utmost intricacy and safety in mind. But, how exactly does each type of component optimise a construction site? Continue reading to find out more about our drywall range and why your business should adopt this new means of convenience and high performance.

The Types of Drywall Components

We pride ourselves on producing an array of high-quality offsite made partitions. See below for a selection.

Deflection Heads

Firstly, our deflection head range is second to none in the construction industry. Allowing for up and down movement, deflection heads are an addition to partitions. Live and dead loads on the roof or floor create movement that they allow for. This manufacturing process is one of our simplest; we receive the board before cutting them into four or five different widths. We cut all boards to the client’s requirements always; ensuring easy instalment.

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Door Sets

Offsite-produced door sets are highly sought after as a modern method of construction. Like all of our components, our door sets are created by our expert manufacturers. We cut them to any size given to us, bringing convenience and ease of movement within construction sites.

Work Openings

Our offsite builders work openings are constructed to allow for easy access to M&E services while still maintaining safety standards in fire, structural and even acoustic. We design them to be installed up to the soffit and fit between the studs. While we always offer competitive pricing, drywall components do vary in price due to size.

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Drywall Ceilings

If your site requires a fully-inclusive drywall solution, we also offer offsite manufactured ceilings to our clients. We create all our drywall components completely bespoke for each business, providing them with the most suitable elements for an optimally performing construction site. Ceilings are fantastic at working in conjunction with partitions for extra support; especially during the early stages of a project.

Offsite Drywall Production by Drywall Pro-Cut

Are you looking for the finest offsite made partitions available? We’re here to help. We commit ourselves to producing the highest quality and safest drywall components on the market today. By working closely with many major contractors, we have perfected our processes over the years. Therefore, giving our clients a fully reliable and seamless service from start to finish.

No matter your needs, we will strive to meet them. We are one of the leading offsite construction companies in the UK that always puts their clients first. Get in touch with our experts today at to find out how we can take your operations to new heights.

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