Summary. Modern Methods of Construction and Drywall contractors are revolutionising the industry, as highlighted by Drywall Pro-Cut’s innovative offsite production. This approach enhances efficiency, reduces waste, guarantees safety, and ensures optimal quality in construction projects, setting new standards for housing developments.


It has been an exciting time for Drywall Pro-Cut as we’ve seen a surge in construction activity due to the growing demand for new housing. More and more drywall contractors are adopting modern methods of construction, thanks to our encouragement. As experienced drywall manufacturers, we help streamline the process of drywall production by taking it offsite, making it a new and more effective way of working.

At Drywall Pro-Cut, we understand the value of developing our procedures to exceed our customers’ expectations. By utilising offsite drywall production, contractors can reap various benefits, including improved efficiency and reduced onsite waste. This approach not only accelerates the project and cuts costs but also minimizes the environmental impact.

Our skilled professionals equip themselves to offer tailored solutions for your specific construction needs. But what are the key reasons that make our processes so revolutionary?

A Safer & More Efficient Working Environment

Supplying components made offsite can offer significant benefits these include:

  • Increased speed of onsite installation.
  • Dust from cutting plasterboard/plasterboard strips and plywood reduced by 98%.
  • Dramatic reduction in wastage of plasterboard/plasterboard strips and stud work.
  • Reduction in site logistic costs, including waste removal skip costs.
  • The reduction in manual handling of materials on site.
  • Reduction in the risk of cuts especially from Stanley blades.
  • Vastly Improved quality of installation, by machine cutting edges, corners and curves.
  • Standardisation of drywall components, resulting in better compliance with the drywall manufacturers specifications

As leading drywall contractors, we know that reducing waste, dust, and onsite cutting are essential considerations for any construction project. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping contractors minimise these issues through our modern methods of construction.

Waste Reduction

With offsite production, drywall can be manufactured to precise measurements, minimising waste. This not only benefits the environment but also saves contractors money by reducing the amount of material needed for the project. Furthermore, precise measurements and machine cutting also save on other costs, including those related to logistics, such as waste removal skips.


By pre-cutting deflection head strips and other offsite construction components, workforces can save valuable time onsite so that they can concentrate on the project at hand. This leads to a faster and more efficient project, allowing contractors to move on to their next job sooner.

Safer Processes

There are several ways that offsite drywall production is a safer option than onsite practices.

Less Dust Produced

By reducing the need for onsite cutting of plasterboard strips, our drywall contractors can reduce dust onsite by 98%, significantly improving air quality on the job site. And with less onsite cutting and sanding required, you also reduce the need for expensive and time-consuming clean-up efforts.

Reduced Risk of Injury

With machine-cut edges, corners, and curves, the risk of cuts and injuries from Stanley blades and other cutting equipment is vastly decreased. This also saves time in the paperwork required for risk assessing and reporting incidents.

Our Guarantee

We understand that minimising waste, time, and dust is critical for contractors. Through our complete made-to-measure service, we abide by strict etiquette from our suppliers and clients, ensuring that every project meets all the necessary regulations.

Our technical department can also provide offsite construction production for all types of drywall installation situations. Therefore, giving our customers peace of mind that they’re getting the best possible results.

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offsite production is not only beneficial for reducing the above, but it also allows for better quality control over the manufacturing process. As established drywall contractors, we’re commit ourselves to providing modern methods of construction that offer high quality and sustainability for all your drywall needs.

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