Summary. Using flexible plasterboard sheets, Drywall Pro-Cut specialises in curved plasterboard for various applications. They ensure top quality while offering tailored solutions, promoting site safety, convenience, and increased productivity for contractors.


While we can produce stable and robust plasterboard components, we also specialise in flexible plasterboard sheets. These are designed to suit anything from curved walls to round columns. Our curved plasterboard is made to the same quality standard as any other part we produce. Therefore, we can offer a fully-rounded drywall solution to our customers.

In the beginning, we began producing offsite drywall components under our mother company, Taylor Hart. We were the first drywall manufacturer to take our entire production line offsite, enabling us to fill a significant gap in the market. And due to popular demand, we branched off as Drywall Pro-Cut, and have quickly established ourselves as premium drywall manufacturers.

Why may you require flexible plasterboard?

We create plasterboard sheets cut to form a flexible roll. Whether this is for boarding radius walls or curved ceilings. As a highly versatile product, you can form various decorative features for your site with our curved plasterboard. However, due to its purpose, it is not suitable for fire protection purposes, unlike our many other offsite building construction drywall.

Why choose our flexible plasterboard?

Our flexible plasterboard is superior in its abilities and adaptability. In fact, it can be manipulated into various forms, fitting cleanly and easily around any surface. This way, our curved plasterboard doesn’t require force; it’ll simply curve around any structure with ease. As experts in our field, we take great pride in the quality and consistency of our drywall components, ensuring that we optimise any and every site we cater for.

What drywall materials do we use?

For our flexible plasterboard components, we use British Gypsum. This brand of plasterboard outdoes other types due to its SpecSure guarantee. Not to mention, GP is renowned for its structural, acoustic and fire safety properties. As a business that focuses heavily on its background and community, they dominate the plasterboard industry.

Why work with Drywall Pro-Cut?

There are a number of reasons why Drywall Pro-Cut should be your first choice manufacturer of drywall components. Whether you’re looking for curved plasterboard or your standard deflection heads, we have the skills, resources and knowledge to take your site safety, convenience and productivity to the next level.

Abiding by your exact specifications and measurements, we will produce and cut your drywall components within our specialist suite, guaranteeing easy installation and use. This way, you save on manpower, costs and time as opposed to dealing with drywall production on your site.

Get in Touch with Our Team

Furthermore, we pride ourselves on offering competitive pricing for our drywall materials. While flexible plasterboard is a lot more difficult to acquire, we keep our products accessible to all contractors. If you’d like further information on our curved plasterboard or how we can transform your every project, get in touch with our helpful team today at

We can answer any questions or queries you may have in regard to our business’s background, our products and why you should opt for offsite drywall production for construction.

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