Summary. On ‘Down Tools Day’, Drywall Pro-Cut celebrated their team’s achievements with a day out at Warwick racecourse. Bringing together staff from various offices, they enjoyed races, food, and a special speech by an ex-jockey. This event highlighted the importance of team building.


Drywall Pro-Cut recently celebrated their hard work by joining together on a company day out and watching the races.

At Drywall Pro-Cut, they take pride in getting together and making the most of team building and incentive days. Known within the team as ‘Down Tools Day’, they literally ‘put the tools down’ for the day to come together to do something fun.

The most recent ‘Down Tools Day’ all staff from their northern offices and Midlands offices joined together at the Warwick racecourse. This was an end of year celebration for all the hard work everyone has done for the year & to celebrate the overall success of the company.

Drywall Pro-Cut had their own personal room at the racecourse. This included an open bar, hot and cold food served throughout the day, and a personal betting station.

An ex-jockey came in to give a speech at the beginning of the event, detailing information for the horses and jockeys. The ‘Down Tools Day’ not only provided entertainment but also offered unique insights into the world of racing through these interactions. Additionally, the team were advised on the best bets to place from the person at the betting stand. The team had the opportunity to tour around the racecourse and meet jockeys who were racing on the day.

There were 7 races throughout the day. The director at Drywall Pro-Cut was generous and gave team members money to place bets to fully immerse themselves in the experience. Some people were unsuccessful but many were very lucky for Down Tools Day! One person in particular won over £500.

Drywall Pro-Cut’s Will Hart said: “It was a truly fantastic day and a great experience for the team. We feel these team building and incentive days are vital for morale and increasing employee engagement.”

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