Vet School

  • Project: Keele University, Veterinary School
  • Location:Stoke on Trent
  • Main contractor: Seddon
  • Product specification: British Gypsum specification
  • Contract value: Drywall contract value > 1m
  • Programme duration: 32 weeks
 Current TotalTotal site waste reduction
NameQuantityMan hours saved on siteMan days saved on site25mm grg m2weight of waste kg
Deflection heads1264791019409
Door sets140132
Builders work openings41726133
Total Time Saved on Site by Using Off Site Products45

The Job

We supported Seddon with the redevelopment of Keele University’s Veterinary School. The project involved creating more teaching space.

The Results

Partnering with Drywall Pro-Cut saved 45 man days in total, and enabled the project to run to its initially agreed timescales.

Manufacturing components offsite means less work to do on site by fewer people. With considerable health and safety benefits, offsite production reduces the likelihood of injury from manual handing, cutting onsite and dust inhalation. It also reduces onsite waste and the number of specialist plasterboard skips needed on site, which has significant cost-savings.

What We Did

Drywall Pro-Cut provided Seddon with deflection heads, builders work holes, pattresses and door sets to make the acoustic baffles for one of the university’s lecture theatres.

Time constraints for the project were tight, with Drywall Pro-Cut’s slot onsite being reduced from 5 weeks to 2 weeks.

However, because the components had already been constructed offsite, meaning 70 percent of the work had already been done pre-installation, it did not have an impact on Seddon’s project schedule.