Summary. Drywall, also known as wall board or gypsum board, is a versatile construction material used for walls and ceilings and enhancing architectural features. Drywall Pro-Cut offers tailored drywall solutions, including standard, mold-resistant, fire-resistant, and sound-proof options, to meet specific needs in various building applications.


Have found yourself Googling “what is Drywall?” It’s likely that you are exploring viable construction materials. Put simply, Drywall is a construction material. It often goes by the name of wall board, gypsum board or sheetrock. Moreover, it is commonly used to create walls and ceilings. However, it has other uses alongside being the core, inside structures of a building. For instance, you can use it to enhance or create other design aspects in a room. Including arches, eaves, and other architectural features.

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Using Drywall

Drywall usually comes in the form of sheets. Additionally, is usually made from gypsum plaster which is covered with paper. Using adhesives, nails, or screws, the sheets are fasted to the building frames. The sheets can also be joined with other sheets using tape. Joint compound is then used on the tapes to create a smooth finish. Fast and easy to install, and boasting a whole host of benefits. Therefore, it is easy to see why it is so popular in domestic, commercial, and industrial construction. 

Types of Drywall

The material comes in many different forms. This is why lots of people will turn to a specialist drywall company such as Drywall Pro-Cut for support. We can help sourcing and determining the best material for the job.

Furthermore, drywall contains gypsum which contains water. Therefore, the material can retard fire expansion. However, due to the fact it can be used in a wide variety of buildings and applications, there are plenty of different types of the material.

We can provide drywall solutions expertly to tailor around your own specific requirements. Before taking you through the most suitable options we have available, we’ll ask you questions. For instance, whether there is moisture in the room you are planning to install drywall in. Or, whether you would like the wall to have particular protection against fire and mould. 

Our drywall options are vast, from standard drywall and mould resistant drywall, through the fire resistant and sound-proof solutions. We offer all types that guarantee to fit the purpose of the room you are installing the material into. So, just ask a member of our team for assistance. 

What Can You Use It For? 

Drywall is the main material when it comes to building walls and ceilings. However, it is becoming increasingly popular when it comes to decorating rooms too. It can create ceiling coffers, arch openings, room partitions and shelves. As well as, false ceilings, and many more enticing features that can increase the aesthetic appeal of a home.

The benefit of using drywall for home decorating is that it’s easily removable should you change your mind or decide to renovate. Additionally, drywall repair is possible, with small holes and cracks able to patch up easily. More significant damage would require sheet replacement. However, most companies supplying the material in sheet form anyway. Therefore, major repairs will not be too inconvenient or difficult to complete.

Looking For A Company To Help? 

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