Summary. We specialise in three sided builders work holes and four sided builders work openings, ensuring ease of movement through drywall partitions. Created offsite to client specifications, these openings adhere to safety regulations, offering reliable and adaptable solutions for varying construction needs.


Work openings are a crucial component in any construction site. They allow all bodies to pass in and out of drywall partitions, safely and easily. Here at Drywall Pro-Cut, we specialise in producing both three sided builders work holes, and four sided builders work openings.

Each type of builder’s work opening allows for ease of movement, but how do you determine which is suited to your needs? Today, we’re going to discuss how work openings function. Also, we will determine which version you should be using for your specific requirements. All of our builders’ work openings are made offsite; this way, we can ensure that we produce all drywall components to the exact dimensions given to us by our clients.


What is the difference between three & four sided work openings?

There are several distinctions between three and four sided builders work openings. Starting with the most obvious, three sided builders work holes only have three sides. Therefore making for a much more versatile addition to a drywall partition. On the other hand, four sided openings require an even more intricately measured box-shaped hole.

Secondly, their purposes vary. These three sided builders work holes have a very specific design. We install them right up to the soffit in a twin frame partition and fit them between the studs. These studs are set at 300, 400, 600 or 120mm. However, we can install work holes with four sides within any type of partition at the same measurements.

As a soffit refers to the underside of any architectural structure, you will commonly find three sided builders work holes beneath arches. Which overhang eaves or balconies.


How do builders’ openings work?

While there are differences, all types of builders’ work holes are manufactured to give all site members ease of access between drywall partitions. They offer convenience while also abiding by strict safety guidelines. At Drywall Pro-Cut, we pride ourselves on producing all drywall components to fire, structural and acoustic regulations.

As a result, not only do our clients have peace of mind when it comes to quality, but safety and security too. Please note, fire regulations will depend on the manufacturer used as the specifications vary. Check out our FAQ Page for any more questions you may have.


Builders Work Openings from Drywall Pro-Cut

We are pioneers in producing the finest drywall components on the market. By producing every element offsite, we bring a new level of reliability, specialism, cost-efficiency and quality to the field. Our builders’ work holes are no exception. Whether you choose three or four sided builders work openings, we guarantee a level of durability. As well as stamina and structural strength that you won’t find elsewhere.

It may be that these four or three sided builders’ work holes don’t completely suit your needs. If so we also produce a range of adjustable work openings. These again, are a lot more versatile for the user. You can manipulate sides to ensure complete compatibility with the area you’re wanting to fix an opening to.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can optimise your worksite to function optimally and more importantly, safely, get in touch with our team today at As an extension of Taylor Hart, renowned contractors for construction, we understand the level of service and quality that is required from this industry. We strive to exceed these standards.

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