Coventry University

FAH Coventry university repurposing two existing buildings and a new build

  • Project:Coventry University
  • Location: Coventry
  • Main contractor: McLaughlin & Harvey Ltd
  • Product specification: British Gypsum specification
  • Contract value: Drywall contract value > 2m
  • Programme duration: 61 weeks
  • Duration through contract: 33 weeks
 Current TotalProjected Total
NameQuantityMan hours saved on siteMan days saved on siteQuantityMan hours saved on siteMan days saved on site
Deflection heads1136719349121928
Door sets9791248223
Builders work openings2631652157035745
Total Time Saved on Site by Using Off Site Products3159876

The Job

Taylor Hart our parent company worked with McLaughlin & Harvey Ltd on a project at Coventry University, which involved repurposing two existing buildings and the construction of a new building used for the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

The Results

Using offsite construction, a total of 598 man hours were saved onsite, or 76 days of labour. Following the project, McLaughlin & Harvey expressed further interest in utilising offsite production techniques after seeing the benefits on this project.

What We Did

After an initial project consultation, Drywall Pro-cut was instructed to produce all the deflection heads, builders work holes and door sets for the project.

We produced 3491m of deflection heads with a 72mm deep track and 2 layers of coreboard at our offsite facility, which eliminated 28 man-days on site.

The 248 door sets and 570 builders work holes were made exactly to the manufacturers specifications, which saved a further 48 man days onsite.