pre cut boards

One of our customers encountered a construction problem. Therefore, we had to build fire rated partitions above bathroom pods in a new hotel. The void was only 400mm and so they could only access it from one side. So a shaftwall partition was the obvious option. However, due to ductwork that needed to be installed through the partition, shaftwall could not be used. Therefore, prefabrication partitions was the solution.

Prefabrication Partitions

We decided to prefabricate a standard fire rated partition offsite, with the builders work holes for the ductwork installed. Working closely with the technical department of the manufacturer, construction drawings were issued and manufacture commenced. The prefabricated partitions arrived on site with the framework and one side boarded. This is including a tape and joint finish. All the site operatives had to do was slide it into position. After that, fix the base and headtrack and then fix the pre-cut boards to the other side.   

prefabricated partitions

Producing the partitions offsite meant that our customer had peace of mind. This is because, the quality of the finished product had been monitored under factory conditions. It also dramatically cut down the installation time on site

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