At Drywall Pro Cut we are always striving to find ways to improve the way we work in the dry lining industry. For instance, a great example of this is a project we had, for perimeter coffer lighting offsite. In fact, we see great benefits in manufacturing items offsite. Such as, deflection heads, builders work holes, door sets and many more.offsite manufacturing of Perimeter Coffer Lighting

On one of our current projects, a client trusted us with prefabricating a perimeter coffer to carry two linear LED light strips.

Perimeter Coffer Lighting Detail

Producing these components offsite has many advantages:

  1. Quality: By manufacturing offsite we can monitor the quality much easier. In addition, give assurance to our clients that they have been built correctly. The boards are all cut using a large table Flextos machine, giving a machined finish to the board.
  2. Speed: We can manufacture the bulkheads a lot quicker in a factory setting. Built in purpose made jigs instead of being made in situ 3m in the air off a scaffold.  
  3. Programme: By manufacturing these labour intensive items offsite we reduce the amount of man hours on site. Therefore, aiding in achieving programme dates.
  4. Health and Safety: Less on site production reduces the chances of an accident occurring. It also reduces the amount of dust and waste produced on site. 
  5. Covid-19: In the current pandemic with social distancing the bulkheads are 2.4m long so our site operatives can work safely within the guidelines.

Some of the factors to take into account during the process of design and manufacturing the perimeter coffer lighting are as follows:

  • Due to the weight of the finished bulkhead it has been built in three separate pieces.
  • Transportation: They have been built 400mm wide x 2.4m so they can be packaged on a standard 1.2m x 2.4m pallet.
  • Installation: The metal work extends past the plasterboard at one end and is short on the other. This allows the bulkheads to be slotted together.

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