Summary. This blog emphasises essential drywall maintenance tips from leading drywall suppliers. Key practices include regular inspections, addressing root causes of water damage, promptly filling small holes, maintaining cleanliness to prevent stains, and frequent repainting for protection and appearance.


Homes commonly use drywall as a construction material due to its durability, affordability, and customisability, often incorporating it into interior structures. It can help to enhance other design aspects and architectural features too. However, drywall requires regular repair and maintenance checks in order to keep it in the best shape. As one of the leading drywall suppliers, we have put together our top drywall maintenance tips. This will help you to keep your structures in the best condition.

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Drywall Maintenance

Removing Popped Nails From Drywall

Drywall requires the joining of panels with studs and ceiling joists. Over time, the studs and joists can pop out, which can cause the panels to become loose and disjointed. If you encounter this issue, remove the popped nails and replace them with new ones. After this, apply the drywall compound to cover them.

Drywall Water Damage

One of the most common issues that can occur with drywall is water damage. This can take place as a result of faulty plumbing or heavy rainfall. A common mistake that homeowners can make is just to fix or replace the part of the drywall that is visibly damaged. A drywall maintenance tip, whether it is visibly damaged or not, the actual cause of the damage should be addressed first. Whether it is a damaged roof, a broken gutter, or a faulty pipe, the issue behind the water damage needs to be fixed as a priority, or the issue will continue happening no matter how many times you fix the drywall.

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Drywall Maintenance | Filling Small Holes

Small holes might not bother you much to begin with, but they can get larger over time and begin to impact the strength and performance of the drywall. A useful drywall maintenance tip is to fix small holes straightway. Keep a drywall repair plate handle, so that if a hole does form, you can fill it up quickly and prevent it getting bigger and becoming irreparable.


It is impossible to prevent your drywall from getting stained over time. In fact, sooner or later, you are bound to notice marks appearing. However, keeping the drywall clean is something that every homeowner should aim for. A dirty wall can completely change the aesthetics of a room so it is important to stay on top of stains. A drywall maintenance tip to get rid of them, dust the drywall first, and then gently wipe it clean using a damp sponge. If there are stubborn stains or you can see mould or mildew under the panel, be sure to get in touch with professional drywall specialists straightaway for support.


To keep your drywall looking clean and fresh, make sure that you repaint the walls every couple of months. This can provide the drywall with a protective layer, and therefore reduce the risk of mould and water damage.

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